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non-union questions ACDF C5-6

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I had an ACDF C5-6 with hardware in Jan,2002. Everything looked great until the year check point. The x-ray showed a gap between the vertebrae. I have some of the same symptoms as before but not as bad. I have pain in the neck,the scapula, the right pinkie, and the left arm in addition to the radiculopathy in the right arm and hand. Could this be from the non fusion? I had a CEI a couple of weeks ago with no relief. I think it made it a little worse. I can live with the pain but it just gets really old after a while. By the end of the day I am ready to scream. I am more worried about permanent damage than anything else. Another question--What does the itching palm signify?? That is something my right palm has done along with the thumb and index finger pain. Would it make a difference about the non-union if it was caused by a fall??

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