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Calling all those whove had bunion surgery!

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Hello everyone! I was hoping that we can start a thread with post bunion surgery probems, whether they ocurred 2 months after surgery or 20 years!

I had surgery on my left foot almost 1 year ago and since then, I've recovered nicely, I like the shape of my foot and haven't had any problems.. until a couple of weeks ago. I started getting a tingling feeling on the sole of my foot. It only tends to happen when I'm driving (I drive standard) so whenever I press the clutch in and release, it feels like I have a pebble in my shoe and it's tickeling me. Anyone have any idea what this may be, and is it related to the bunion surgery?? Thanks!

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    • Hi ana_24!

      I like your idea. I hope it catches on. It sounds like you may have a neuroma. That happened to me and what started out as tickling sensations (more or less) progressed to shooting pains in my 3rd toes and then to intense burning pain in the balls of my feet. I had them in both feet and have had them surgically removed. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask.

      #1; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:45:00 GMT
    • I had both of my feet done including hammer toes on both feet July 11. 2002. It sure takes a long time to get back to normal. I see the Doctor again on Friday for xrays and a check up. I hope he doesn't send me back to work yet, because I won't make it. I still can not get in any regular shoes. Only velcro flip flops. My feet still hurt a lot when I stand too long or walk to much. It hurts to drive...bending them too much. I sound like a whiner but I'm not. My left foot is doing better then my right. My fixed hammer toe on my right foot is going crocked and I don't know what caused that. I am still glad I had it done. But how long does it take to get back to normal?
      #2; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:46:00 GMT
    • Back to normal? For me it took most of a year. I am pleased with the result but since I delayed the necessary surgery for so many years I will always have some stiffness. I still have an intolerance to standing for long periods and comfortable shoes are a challenge. I need to get my other foot done but just am not mentally or financially up to spending 2 months completely non weight bearing again.
      #3; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:47:00 GMT
    • My bunion surgery (right foot) was in April 2001, and I still have some aching in the eara where the bunion was. I also have a pretty bad scar and some scar tissue.
      #4; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:48:00 GMT
    • It took me about 6 months to be fully normal again but I was in regular shoes after 2 months and in high heels in 3. Overally, the recovery has been long but the first 8 weeks on crutches were the worst! After a year, I feel as if I am fully recovered my my big toe is still a little stiff. It doesn't bother me, it just doesn't have the same range of motion as the other one.

      As far as the neuroma goes, Brooke, how long does it take to recover from such a surgery? Not long I hope... I wonder if that's what I have. The last thing I want is to go back under the knife!

      Thanks to everyone for the replies.

      #5; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:49:00 GMT
    • Post-surgery problems. I wrote the book!!

      Had the surgery July 15th, excruciating pain the next day. 10 days later, doc tells me to start walking on it using the crutches. It hurt, hurt, hurt but I was just afraid.

      Well, at my 1 month checkup, wouldn't ya know, there is a fracture in there. Apparently part of the bone he pinned separated. So he put a cast on. A week later, the cast had to come of because it not only caused me to break out in a rash, but my foot was BADLY infected from the idiot putting a cast on a swollen foot. It was literally oozing (sorry so graphic) with stuff. I just cried. After that he put an aircast on me (much, much better!) and I am slated to go back Saturday to see if it's healed. If it hasn't , he thinks he's doing more surgery to repin the bone. What he doesn't know is that I am DONE! My foot is not being reopened, definitely not by him. If anyone has any idea what I should do, please let me know because I am really frustrated and afraid! gretchen

      #6; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:50:00 GMT
    • Well, all I can suggest is to get a second opinion.
      #7; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:51:00 GMT
    • Hi -

      I had surgery for a bunion and a hammertoe on my left foot on August 9. Still hobbling around a bit, and the former hammertoe now looks like a Vienna sausage stuck on the end of my foot, but I assume the swelling will go down at some point. Bunion site still throbs some, especially at night, but not nearly as painful as it was for the first week or two. I was never on crutches. Still wear the velcro shoe sometimes, depending on the swelling.

      I also need hammertoe and neuroma surgery on the right foot, and had planned to go ahead and schedule it in October, depending on whether this first foot is healed more completely by then. I have a bunion on the right foot, also, but after seeing what a pain & inconvenience this first surgery turned out to be, I may just live with it. It's not as bad as the one on the left foot was.

      My podiatrist told me before surgery that bunion surgery these days is a piece of cake, very minor surgery. I beg to differ..

      #8; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:52:00 GMT
    • Lynnlin: Before long you will be doing much better.

      I had my surgery done on july 24th; now some days

      are better than others. Just when you think you have

      arrived, bingo, you get a slacking back. Actually,

      things are going really well. I, too, had a bunion

      worked on and the hammertoe next to it, on both

      feet, at the same time. I had bunion surgery quite

      a number of years ago and they do come back, in some

      cases. The Dr. did not want to do more bunion

      surgery on top of what I have had, so he went in and

      put a wire in each of the big toes and pulled the

      toe out a bit and straightened them up and than worked

      on the hammertoe; putting a tiny minute screw in them.

      The hammertoe does remind you of a sausage. Ha! They

      are actually looking so much better, but the healing

      process makes them feel a little uncomfortable from

      time to time. Plus as long as it has been since we

      both have had the surgery, we are getting restless

      to go. Hang in there. Will be interested to hear

      how you are progressing. I am in running shoes now;

      can't really run. Ha! Going on a plane trip in 2

      weeks for a week so I have to get it going. Good

      luck to you. Dottie

      #9; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:53:00 GMT
    • Dottie, thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I really do wonder if this was worth it, but maybe I'm just being impatient.

      I'm on my way right now to the dentist - broke half of a back tooth off, which will probably result in root canal and a crown. When it rains, it pours..

      By the way, I notice you're in Marco Island. I live in Missouri now but lived in Marco from 1985-1994. Funny to run into someone else on a message board from such a small place!

      #10; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:54:00 GMT
    • Lynnlin: Thanks for the post. Do hang in there

      with your pinkies; but sorry to hear about your

      tooth. I am in the process of having two veneer

      porcelins put in my mouth. Will finish up tomorrow

      morning. Figured might as well be working on every-

      thing else at once. Ha!

      What a coincidence; you living in Marco, but I tell

      you if you haven't seen it recently, you would not

      believe it. Growing by leaps and bounds; construction

      and all. Between here and Naples it is unbelievable.

      We love Naples, too, but we have been in Marco for 3

      years. It is, also, a coincidence that you live in

      MO., as we had a home in Lake Ozarks and in IL. before

      moving here. I think we could go on and on, but just

      give your feet plenty of time. It is not fun!

      #11; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:55:00 GMT
    • Timely discussion!

      I got bunion surgery just 5 days ago on both feet after deliberating about it for over a year. So far so good. Pain on day one was severe, now okay except when I walk( with crutches0 which I avoid as much as possible. Actually I could not believeI was expected to walk the day after surgery.

      The inactivity is a little hard to bear but I am hoping for a great result.

      My op was a bilateral Mitchell osteotomy performed under a general anaesthetic.

      #12; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:56:00 GMT
    • Hi: I never experienced using the crutches so I cannot

      relate to that. Usually the pain was very minor with

      the surgeries. The hardest part is the inconvenience

      of the whole situation. Just be patient and take

      care of yourself. It does get boring, but have

      plenty of things to wile away the time. That is

      usually not a problem. Before long, you will be

      doing much better but just take everything a step at

      a time. Best of luck to you. Dottie

      #13; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:57:00 GMT
    • I can't imagine having both feet done at once, although an acquaintance of mine did it and is getting along fine. The inconvenience of not being able to take a shower or get up and down the stairs comfortably was such a pain with just the one foot out of commission, I would probably have been a pretty cranky witch to live with if I'd done both at once.

      Finally was able to take a shower after a few days if I wrapped a handtowel around my foot, then covered it in saran wrap, then the velcro shoe, then a plastic grocery bag tied on, then more saran wrap, then a garbage bag up to my knee... then still keeping that leg outside of the shower. And it still got wet. Being able to shower like a normal person is the nicest part of the recovery process so far.

      #14; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:58:00 GMT
    • Myloathe: Get second opinion. I had a complete right metartasil implant 2 years ago. The pain was so bad after the surgery, if someone would have given me a gun I would have shot my foot off. I should have gotten another opinion. Took me 2 months on crutches. 4 months post op I finally threw a fit for physical therapy. Come to find out the implant was too big, do you think anyone is going to open that foot up again? No way, first I am not going to let anyone touch that foot, second nobody wants to touch it now. If I would have gone for another opinion quickly I would have saved myself a lot of grief. Pain? Never will go away, so get another opinion fast, from a reputable orthopedic surgeon, NOT a podiatrist. Berkenstock sandals are all I can wear for any length of time, otherwise sandals of some sort, foot swells still, 2 years later. Take care of your feet, stay out of high heels that is what started this whole mess for me. Good luck!!!

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      #15; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:59:00 GMT
    • lynnlin my husband tells me I AM cranky!

      Yes it does seem a big deal to get two feet done at once.

      Here's a laugh.

      I had a bath on day 3.


      I shuffled into the empty bath, stuck my bandaged feet up next to the taps, turned on the taps to fill the bath (burning then freezing my bottom as I did so).

      At the end I drained the bath then hobbled out!

      #16; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:00:00 GMT
    • Thanks Lady and Clementine. I am going to make an appointment tomorrow with an orthopedic surgeon just to double check everything. The only thing I fear is like what you said, no one will want to be responsible for this foot now. I do go back and see this guy in 2 days so we'll see. I'm just gonna pray my husband doesn't go off on the guy.

      Hey "Vienna Sausage" foot http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/smile.gif That's just too silly. My pinkie was a hammertoe and he "fixed" it and my husband says that it looks like it went through the meat grinder. So don't feel bad.

      Question for everyone. Did you find that weeks after the surgery your feet just peeled ridiculously?? I am like on my 3rd layer of foot skin right now.

      #17; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:01:00 GMT
    • My foot hasn't peeled much at all, so I guess there's something to be thankful for.

      It's uncomfortable and annoying most of the time; it's swollen and deformed looking; it aches if I stand too long; I'll probably never be comfortable in real shoes again; the big toe is stiff and the hammertoe is crooked and still sausage-like; the big toe is sneaking its way back over toward the hammertoe when it thinks I'm not looking, although it doesn't have far to go because the damned hammertoe is so swollen that it's meeting it half-way; I'm gaining weight because of the inactivity (not to mention the chocolate chip feel-sorry-for-myself cookies); but hey, it's not peeling very much.

      Can you tell I'm getting pretty discouraged?

      Tomorrow's my 5 week checkup with the doctor. I'm gonna try not to hit him ("very minor surgery", indeed), but I'm not making any promises...

      #18; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:02:00 GMT
    • Wow, lynnlin, I can't believe your doctor said this was major surgery!!! My surgeon told me that it's pretty serious and the recovery does take a while so you really have to be committed to it. I think you should tell him to have it done and then tell patients just how minor it really is...

      All of you who have recently had the surgery, hang in there!! Every day it gets better and every week you will be able to walk a little bit better. Once all the bandages and stitches and pins come off, you will feel so liberated! The minute I got home from having the final dressing removed, I drew a bubble bath and soaked for hours! It felt amazing!!!

      By the way, for those who read my previous posts, the tingling in the left foot is gone! I hope that means I don't have neuroma... maybe it was something else?

      #19; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:03:00 GMT
    • Hi Lynnlin: How are you doing, by now? Hope you

      made out ok at the dentist this week. I, too, had

      dental work done; nothing like having opposite ends

      worked on. Never have had to go to Dentist very

      often, but had some cosmetic work, that I wanted done.

      Anyways, how are your feet doing? Somedays, I think

      I am doing much better and than sometimes I don't.

      Definitely feel them more in the evening because I

      am on them a lot more during the day. It just makes

      me upset that they aren't further than they are. I

      still have some swelling and they don't want to lie

      down as they should. Hope I don't have to have

      anything else done, I will screech. I am flying back

      to IL. for a week on the 25th, so hope I improve

      somemore. Actually, each week, I think there is a

      difference. My only concern now is that other

      problems won't arise from these. It seems to be an

      ongoing deal. Everything else you can buy new, why

      not feet? Ha! Take care and let me know how are you

      progressing. good luck! Dottie

      #20; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:04:00 GMT
    • Hi Dottie, Thanks for your concern. The dentist turned out okay, mainly because I cancelled my appointment and found a new dentist the same day. I was a bit leery about having my regular dentist do a root canal, especially since his receptionist/wife told me she wanted to schedule the appt. for 7:15 a.m. so his "eyes would be fresh" - she even told me, seriously, "you don't want him doing a root canal on you later in the day when his eyes are tired."

      Yikes... Anyway, I went to a new one, liked her a lot, and she even said she thinks root canal may not be necessary - just a crown. I go back to her on Thursday, and she'll see then. She was such a breath of fresh air compared to the one I've been going to. I just moved here a couple of years ago, and pulled him out of the phone book - never particularly liked him, but didn't feel a burning need to find a different one until now.

      Had my 5 week checkup with the podiatrist - he says my foot looks great. Hard to believe - it doesn't look so great to me. He said plan on 3 more months or so before all the swelling goes down, but in the meantime, I can start walking on my treadmill if I want - just walk slower than usual, and for shorter periods of time. I bought some 1/2 size larger tennis shoes, and they're pretty comfortable. Still wearing a bandaid over the hammertoe incision sometimes, due to shoes rubbing and irritating it. I asked him while I was there about surgery on the other foot, for hammertoe and neuroma, specifically how involved the surgery was and how long the recovery time would be. He said, and I quote, "Oh, that's just a minor surgery. You'll be back to normal in no time."

      Exactly what he told me just before the bunion/hammertoe surgery...

      Have a good trip to Illinois. I grew up in southern Illinois, about a hundred years ago. You haven't lived in Indiana or Mississippi, have you? I have - and just thought you might have, too, since we've both lived in Marco, Illinois, and Missouri!

      #21; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:05:00 GMT
    • Hi Lynnlin: thanks for the reply! No we both

      was born and raised and lived in IL.; outside of

      our home in Lake Ozarks. Than 3 years ago this Nov.,

      we made a really big move. Sold everything and

      moved to Marco. We do like it and it feels like

      home, but a long ways from family. We do alright

      though. Marco has grown by leaps and bounds.

      So your dr. thinks the other foot will be a piece of

      cake, huh? They always make it sound that way. It

      is not necessarily painful afterwards, but very

      uncomfortable and awkward and it does take a long

      time for recovery. Some nights, when I go to bed,

      they ache so bad but by morning they feel pretty

      good again. Than it starts over. Definitely still

      not there. Not so sure how they will do as I have

      a couple of toes that want to wander. They get so

      sore right below the toes, I hope I don't have more

      neuromas. The only thing that worries me, it seems

      like once you have surgery than something else pops

      up. I just want to be done and I am sure you do, too.

      I'm not used to this way of life and would much rather

      be on the go. Least ways have more comfortable feet.

      I was going to a dentist in Marco and wanted some

      cosmetic work done, so I went to a dentist in Naples;

      didn't like what they had to offer so came home and

      went through the phone book and found a great dentist.

      I had my work done last week and really liked her a

      lot. She's great; but the prices are not so great!

      Fortunately I have always had pretty good teeth and

      haven't had to have much more done besides cleaned and


      I have been on my exercise bike for about 3 weeks now;

      doesn't seem to bother anything. We used to walk

      4 to 5 miles a day when we moved here; my husband

      still does. I would really love to but don't know

      if I will ever get back to that; just want to be

      normal again. Take care! Dottie

      #22; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:06:00 GMT
    • Hi!

      My surgery was July 11 both feet...bunions and hammer toes. The swelling has not gone down at all, as a matter of fact, last week I was out of town with my husband and my right foot began to swell more then usual and my husband wanted to take me to the hospital. I said no because by morning the swelling went down and then by the end of the day the swelling was bad again. This morning I called my Dr. and of course he is not in this week so I saw another one in the office and I too have a seperation of the bone where the screws are. He put compression socks on both of my feet and told me to wear my surgical shoes again and stay off my feet until I see my regular Dr. again this Friday and said my Dr. will probebly take a more aggressive approach in treating me...wonder what he will be doing?? I will keep you all posted as I find things out.

      Thanks for listening,


      #23; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:07:00 GMT
    • Anybody here a runner who has had bunion surgery? I am an avid runner. Have been running for 13 years. This is hard not being able to run for 9 weeks now (although I had to sprint across the parking lot the other day after my two year old - it didn't hurt my toe to be quite honest with you!). When can I even think about getting out there and running again?
      #24; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:08:00 GMT
    • Starkitty, with that separation I could tell you now that your doc is probably gonna cast you. That's what mine did. For a month. And I got my surgery a couple of days after you. When did you start walking on your feet?? That's what caused my problem because he started me walking too early(10 days after surgery) and the bone was far from healed yet.
      #25; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:09:00 GMT
    • Hi szcbassoon, I read your post. Sounded like you had what I had. I got back to my foot dr in little while to see what he has to say. My foot is still swollen but Iam in a regular tennis shoe and feeling great. I'm in no pain. I'm just wondering why are my toes are not so straight and my little toe where I had a bone spur keeps curling under. He told me it will take time for that. I still do my exercises the therapist gave me and I put ice on it which helps alot. My boss has me down for six days this week with five hours shift. He does not want me hurt and be out again must have missed me. I had a treadmill today boy, am I out shape. Funny thing, I went to go eat breakfast with my girlfriend. I had the mini-breakfast. I burned up 2 calories on the treadmill there went my breakfast that's ok there's always lunch. Peace, Debra
      #26; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:32:00 GMT
    • Hello everyone that reads my post. I went to my foot doctor yesterday. He said everything looks great. I go back to work, today leaving in a bit. I'm still in therapy. I got put on treadmill yesterday. I almost died. I'm out of shape. My foot doctor said be careful start out slowly at first then work up to eight hour shifts. I asked why my toes were slanted to the right. He told me because they have been that way for so long. YIPPIE. I can go back to work. My checking account says it's time to come back. Well, keep posting and reading, Peace, Debra
      #27; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:33:00 GMT
    • hi debra,

      i also had wondered about my toes pointing lateral after surgery - and my doc said it was because i've had the bunions my practically my whole life. anyhow, i notice that when i have my foot firmly on the ground (instead of looking at it in the air) that my big toes kinda straightens out and my 2nd and middle toes also straighten out. my sister's neighbor (who had both feet done at the same time last summer) says that with time, over the last few months, the toes gradually straightened out. i actually do notice the difference when i look at my post-op pics from day 36 to day 64. if you like, you can check mine out ay photos.yahoo.com/thelittleprincess0303. take your own pics...i'm sure when you compare them over time you'll notice the difference.

      #28; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:34:00 GMT
    • Hi Footsie -

      I noticed in one of your posts that you had burning in your foot. I have had that also and was wondering if yours had gone away and what causes that? My surgery was 9 days ago and the burning started almost right away. Like you, it seems to be worse at night. The big bandages are off and I just have gauze lightly wrapped around the foot. Stitches come out this saturday. Any info you can give me or if anyone else has had this problem, please let me know. Thanks!

      #29; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:35:00 GMT
    • Hi Lorna301,

      I must be getting better - I actually didn't read the posts for a couple of days!

      About the burning. I felt it on the top and bottom of my foot and all the way up my shin almost to my knee. Is yours localized? When I called the doc about it, he told me to come in the same day. (It had been burning for about 3-4 days, and the burning started on the 6th day after surgery) He said the foot looked fine, and I didn't have a temp, but the burning COULD mean a little infection brewing in there. So he put me on a 10-day course of the antibiotic Cipro. I got the impression that not a lot of people have burning? Do you know? Anyway, the burning stopped on the 2nd day of Cipro. I messed up on the third day and didn't take the Cipro, and the burning started again. And then it stopped again when I had been back on the Cipro for another day.

      When I had the burning sensation mixed in with all the throbbing, aching, numbness, etc., it was hard to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. But my husband and a friend said I should call the doc. Maybe you should too.

      #30; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:36:00 GMT
    • Hi Footsie -

      Thanks for responding. You're right, I don't see many people complaining of "burning". Mine is more localized, it's basically just in my foot. I go to the doc on Saturday to get the stiches out so I thought I would ask him about it then. It's mostly at night which makes me believe that it's just from being on it all day. I only took 2 days off of work and have been back full time ever since. I work on the second floor too, so I have been up and down steps a lot. I have a lot of steps at home too so I know I have really been overdoing it. I told my husband that I won't have my other foot done until we move into a ranch! Ha!

      I'm glad you are feeling better. I will let you know what the doctor has to say about it when I go Saturday. Take care...

      #31; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:37:00 GMT
    • Hello all, Iam back to work. The first couple of days standing on this foot was something else. We have cement tiles in the bakery dept. So that was rough. I thinking of getting another pair of shoes now that this is almost overwith. I still have therapy. My foot doctor gave me two more weeks of therapy and my foot is looking really great I'm in no pain. I got put on a treadmill the last few times I went and boy I thought I was going to die or they call 911. I now want the other foot done but don't want to be in a cast for the summer months. Has anyone heard of Hershey Shoes? Someone mentioned to me that they are expensive but they are worth it. Well, I'll be around and posting now and then. Peace, Debra
      #32; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:38:00 GMT
    • hi everyone, congratulations on this discussion. Ive been reading posts but have had great trouble getting registered.... lets hope this is successful. I am six weeks post op on my left foot. Ive had a Scarf osteotomy which includes removal of the bunion, toe realignment and metal pins. For those of you who fear thw op under local aneastetic.. please dont... its worth not going under a general... the 8- 10 injections I had were less painful than ones Ive had at dentists and I felt no pain during the opp, just tugging and movement of the bones. My recovery has been ok so far. I was unable to walk on it once the local had worn off.. by two days i was able to put weight on the heel with a plaster shoe.. thank goodness! It was difficult getting to the toilet.. No pain no gain they say and yes first week was pretty miserable. Not being able to bath or shower was horrid. 6 weeks later my wound is still quite fresh and disposable stitches are hanging out so i have to get them removed. I am able to bend my toe and if I concentrate i can put weight on the ball of my foot.. some pins and needle sensation and if Im stand.. I hurt.. Im enjoying my break from work. As my job is in school with pupils with special needs I am not ready to go back. Believe me unpredictable kiddies running around me scares me and as I am due to have right foot done too I cant have a shoe fitting. Bless you all


      #33; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:39:00 GMT
    • Hello everyone. I am finally done with therapy. I was released on Friday. The prognosis was good. All though, my therapist yelled at me and said to ice my foot down when I get home from work as it is still swollen. I have been a bad patient and not doing it. He told me that it will take about a year to heal and he knows I want my other foot done this year. But he said you may want to wait for it. I did, however, go and by a new pair shoes. If anyone has heard of Hersheys Too shoes which are called SAS comfort shoes they are wonderful. They are on the expensive side but they are worth it. They last forever. I'm having no problem wearing them. I still have a problem with my little toe wear my foot doctor removed the bone spur but other than that I'm doing great. Back to my regular work hours glad for that. I drained my bank account out when I was off for two months. Well, I well lurk and post from time to time. Peace to all, Debra
      #34; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:40:00 GMT
    • Hi all. This is my first time reading all this and am I not happy. I have already had the bunion surgery which I went into fully informed. So, I thought. I was told 6 - 8 weeks, etc... However, on the day of the surgery in the recovery room the doc came out and told me that after he shaved away the bone, the underlying bone was too thin and he had to do a bone graft. Took it from the freeze dried bone bank. It is now 10 weeks later, the graft is not taking, I am still in the post op shoe and have now had to go on a bone growth stimulator. Will probably be another 3 months (maybe longer) in this shoe. I would have thought that this should have shown up on the pre surgery x rays. Don't really know. Has anyone ever heard of having to have a bone graft? Does this sound crazy to you all? Had to cancel my July vacation. I am very depressed.
      #35; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:41:00 GMT
    • I am so happy I have found these message boards! I am 22 and surgery on my left foot to remove my bunion five months ago. My Dr. cut the two bones that form the joint with the bunion, moved them both and now I have to two pins in one of them and one pin in the other permanently. After the surgery everything supposedly healed alright, I went through physical therapy and have been walking in orthodics. I have never not had at least a little pain when I walked which I just assumed was from swelling. Here's my current problem, last week I went jogging which I had been doing a couple times a week for the past few weeks, and which my Dr. said was ok to do. So, last week after I went jogging my pain level got to an 8 on a scale of one to ten, so I called my Dr. made an appoinment for the next day. Later that day at work I was doing filing and all of the sudden the sharpest pain, pain that I nave never felt before, went shooting through my toe. Then it subsided, then a few minutes later it came back, but worse. So again I called my doctor, she said to elevate and ice. So this pain went away after I sat down at my desk. Then I went to go on a break and was walking down stairs, I got to the bottom step and went to step on the last step and soon as I put it down sharp, sharp pain engulfed my entire foot. It literally felt like a broke something, I started crying immediately, it hurt so bad. So I saw my doctor, my bones and pins are fine, and I am scheduled for an MRI next week, the pain has not subsided in the least, it especially hurts when I bend my leg in a position that resembles stretching the calf muscles. I really feel that it is nerve related, but I am worried, because my doctor has no idea what is wrong. Pain meds don't help, and I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this, especially so long after surgery.

      Thank You, --ASUgirl

      #36; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:42:00 GMT
    • I had bunion surgery on my right foot on Sept 16. I left the outpatient surgery center with a partial cast (on the left side of my foot) and a beautiful velcro shoe - walking. I stayed off of it as much as possible with a set of borrowed crutches for the first week.

      I went back after 5 days. Xrays were taken and the dressing was changed. When he unwrapped my foot and the pin was sticking out of the top of it I almost passed out! Anyway, the pain hasn't been as bad as I had expected but now, since I've been walking more than I probably should, I feel a "clicking" in the top of my foot. It feels as though a bone is popping. Has anyone had this? MyLoathe - did you have anything like this when you found out about your fracture? I go back on Friday and I'm scared to death something is wrong. (The swelling is down alot but by the end of the day it's BBAAACCKKK!) Any help would be appreciated.

      #37; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:10:00 GMT
    • Userbaby, Oh my, when I first started walking on my foot it was this constant popping/clicking. It didn't seem though like it was the bunion bone because I was purposely not trying to put weight on my whole foot, just like the outside and heel, and the popping was coming from more towards the outside part.

      Unlike yours though, I didn't have a screw poking out of my foot (GROSS!). I had 2 pins that were internal. Who knows, maybe I should have had a screw!

      #38; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:11:00 GMT
    • Userbaby - don't want to scare you - I had a friend who had the clicking thing going on too only a week or two after her bunion surgery - not good. Her doctor had to go back in and she had to have a wire put in. Hopefully yours is ok. Keep us posted.
      #39; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:12:00 GMT
    • I went in to see the Dr. today. He did another Xray and said that things had "shifted" but would be okay. I was planning to return to work on Monday but that's out of the question now.

      The first thing he asked me was if I had been walking without my space shoe. I told him I had but not much. Example: If I'm in the bed and need a drink of water - I wouldn't put it on. He said BIG NO NO!

      He took my stitches out and almost took the pin because it was looking as if it may be getting infected. He changed his mind and left it because of the "shift". I will return in 10 days for the pin to be removed at which time we will discuss my going back to work!

      When I got home and started toward the house, my 65 lb. dog decided to say hello and stepped right on top of the pin that is sticking out of my foot. Now that ALL of this has been said, I feel better! Thank you for your help! =)

      #40; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:14:00 GMT
    • Hi,I had bunion surgery on 8/2/02. The pain was pretty bad for the first two weeks after surgery. I had to go to the doctor every 10 days or so until the stitches and pins were removed. Still can't fit into my shoes (wearing sneakers 1 size larger than my normal size). Although the swelling has reduced I have noticed that my foot still appears as if I still had a bunion. Granted its smaller than before but its still looks like its still there. People tell me its from swelling to the area where the surgery was done but I don't know. Did anyone notice the same thing? If so, how long did it take until your foot looked normal?
      #41; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:15:00 GMT
    • Hi All,

      I've been reading your posts to psych myself up for the bunion surgery I've scheduled for Ocotber 23rd. Yikes - is there *anyone* out there who's had a reasonably positive experience? Feeling pretty paranoid and could use some words of encouragement.

      This will be my 3rd (!!) surgery, as the previous two (about 18 & 14 years ago) were the "simple" kind, involving only bump removal and not addressing the underlying problem of misalligned big toes. Despite my best efforts - orthotics, toe splints, sensible shoes - the toes went wonky again and the bunions grew back.

      So here I am! This time, the doctor will cut into bones, tweak tendons and put in pins. It'll be one foot at a time, with the second being done probably about 6 weeks after the first. I'm fortunate enough to have the option of working from home, and I've got a reading list the length of my arm, so I'm optimistic.

      Good luck to all of you & I'll post again when I'm convalescing.


      To your health - and mine!

      #42; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:15:00 GMT
    • I am a runner and I also have a bunion.The past few months I have had to cut down on my running because my bunion has been bothering me more than usual. I thought I was getting to the point where I finally decided that I needed surgery, but I'm afraid I'll never run again. My Podiatrist says no running for 3 months after surgery, but I wonder if that will even be possible. Any comments out there from runners who have had their bunions fixed. Also who does the bestsurgery--podiatrist of orthopaedic surgeon?
      #43; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:17:00 GMT
    • Hi Marysol,

      Just wanted to say good luck, and please don't worry or let posts like mine discourage you from having surgery if you need it.

      My main complaint, if you can read between the lines of all my whining, is that I feel like my doctor wasn't realistic with me when we originally discussed surgery. He repeatedly said that bunion surgery used to be a major surgery, but with advances over the past few years, it's become a "very minor surgery", with rapid recovery time and very, very little pain.

      I questioned him at that time, since I knew we were talking about cutting into bone here and sticking pins in, etc., and he insisted it was a piece of cake, and assured me I'd be so happy to have had it done that any post-op discomfort would be practically unnoticeable.

      Hmmm... not quite, to say the least. But I do think I would have handled the discomfort and inconvenience better had I been told to expect it, instead of being led to believe that I'd be back to normal in just a couple of weeks.

      It's not agonizing or anything, but after 7 weeks, I'm still having occasional very sharp shooting and/or throbbing pains in my bunion toe, especially late at night; my hammertoe is still swollen and ridiculous-looking, as well as sore; my bunion toe continues to creep over toward the hammertoe, even though there's a pin in there somewhere that's supposed to help prevent that; and I still haven't scheduled the surgery for my other foot because I want to wait and see what the actual recovery time is for this one.

      You've already been through foot surgery, so you know about the inconvenience of hobbling around, and not being able to get it wet, etc., so you should do fine. Please keep us posted on how it goes!

      #44; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:18:00 GMT
    • Hi, I had bunion surgery Aug 15th. The bunion was pretty bad and painful. He made two incisions, one between the big toe and 2nd and also over the bunion area. He "broke" the toe and put in two screws, straightened the toe (had a 28 degree lean), removed excess bone from the top of the bunion area and also from the side. This was done on my left foot. All of this was bandaged quite heavily so that only my big toe and 2nd and 3rd were peaking out. Half cast to my knee and big 'ol bandage was the dressing. The doc gave me strict orders to stay off my foot for 6 days which I did. Pain was only bad for one day, that being the day after. After that the pain was very minimal and was able to control with ibuprophen. I had my one week checkup and at that time the doc took off my cast and put a removable splint on with a light dressing over the wound. I still used the crutches but mostly I would walk on the side of my foot with the splint on. No pain when I did that. Another week later I went back to have the stitches removed and it was healing quite nicely. Still alot of swelling but that's to be expected. The feet are the hardest areas to heal completely because of the location and it's difficult to always keep it elevated. Three weeks after surgery I was mostly walking on the foot, but I didn't tell the doc cuz I knew he definately wouldn't approve of it. I'm very stubborn though so I thought since it didn't hurt, why not. I went back after the 4th week after surgery and he told me after looking at the x-rays that I'm healing quite nicely and I spilled the beans anyway to him and let him know that I had been walking on it and using a sandle. He said that there's not much he could admonish me for cuz the x-rays look so good so continue doing what I was doing but beware of pain cuz that's a sign I may be overdoing it. After 7 weeks I'm in a sports shoe and yesterday I did 7 miles, walked 2 and ran 5. Very little swelling, I exercise 4 times a week and do lots of stretching. I'm very very happy with the surgery. The bunion area still appears to have a smaller type bunion but that indeed is due to still some swelling in that area but once the swelling in completely gone I'm sure it will look perfect. My biggest fear was that I would never again be able to run and that with this surgery I would be crippled for quite awhile. Well, I now know that's not going to happen and I was thrilled that after 7 weeks I could run pain free. I run typically a 10 min mile and I think I did a 12 min mile but I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be back to my usual gait. I don't recommend anyone to go against doctors orders like I did. It's stupid and irresponsible and I'm a very stubborn lady. However, I needed to see if I could still have an active exercise life after surgery and am very happy to report that there is definately life after surgery. Good luck to everyone.
      #45; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:19:00 GMT
    • JanetLee -

      Hello fellow runer! So glad you posted! I've been a runner for about 13. 3-5 miles a day, six days a week. I had my bunion surgery 12 weeks ago tomorrow, and am absolutely thrilled with the results. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. My foot looks fantastic, and best of all, my foot is pain free!!! My bunion caused me many years of excruciating pain, and to finally not have to deal with it anymore has been a blessing. No, I am not running yet. My Dr said not to run until 14 or 16 weeks after surgery, and I am not going to push it. It's worth it to me to wait a few more weeks, than to risk injuring the foot by trying to soon. I have come too far for that! Good luck!

      #46; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:20:00 GMT
    • I had bunion surgery on my left foot on August 22nd and have been having a pretty rough time. Reading all of these posts has helped me so much! I am definitely not at the point where I can say I'm glad I had the surgery. My doctor made it seem like this surgery was going to be SO minor and said I'd be walking and back to work within two to three weeks after surgery. He also said the pain would only last at most for three or four days. I disagree! I just started "walking" on my foot about nine days ago (more on the outside of my foot) and it has been so painful. I tried to put on a real shoe and about went through the roof, it hurt so much. It seems like the swelling will never go away. When I have my foot down for awhile, it turns almost purple, but the color goes away within a half hour or so if I elevate it. Has anyone else experienced this discoloration? I went back to work last week for a four hour shift (I stand up at my job) and again today. I'm not sure I can do it again tomorrow. I think what I'm most frustrated about is that the true recovery process was not explained to me. My doctor acts like I'm soooo behind in my recovery because I'm not in a regular shoe and running around like I did before the surgery. But the bone (with two screws) seems to be healing nicely. So I don't quite understand why he thinks I'm doing badly. I am walking as best I can - I endure the pain but I don't want to overdo it. Anyway, thanks for letting me share! Hope everyone's doing well.
      #47; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:21:00 GMT
    • Hi Lynnlin,

      Thanks so much for your quick response and you're not a whiner! I'm sure it would have made all the difference in the world if you'd been given a more realistic idea of what to expect in terms of the recovery process.

      My doc, to his credit, hasn't soft-pedalled anything. I actually showed him some of these posts and he was surprised that so many people didn't seem to be aware of how very important it is to elevate the foot A LOT, especially during those first few critical weeks. I'm a fairly active and outdoorsy person, but hey, we're heading into the rainy fall/winter season here, so if I have to be couch-bound, I think I can deal! ;-)

      Thanks again, and nice also to hear from other folks who've posted since yesterday.

      #48; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:22:00 GMT
    • Thanks everyone for responding to my post of yesterday. I was glad to hear from some fellow runners. I can't believe that one of you is running after only 7 weeks post surgery.That's encouraging but I hope you don't run into any problems. Sounds like the recovery period is pretty long. I've never been off of work for longer than 4 weeks at a time during the past 25 years. I'm an OR nurse and do a lot of walking in my job. I'll probably need to be off for a while.
      #49; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:23:00 GMT
    • My goodness, it's so embarassing to reread my posts, and see my spelling mistakes - with kids constantly running around and interrupting me, it's so hard to concentrate - so please bear with me http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/smile.gif

      Anyway - sunnyd - how on earth were you able to start running 7 weeks post op? My Doc wouldn't even let me start walking on my foot 5 weeks after my surgery. It sounds as though you and I had pretty similar procedures done. Well, all the more power to you - I'm certainly inspired and thinking of trying to lace up my running shoes soon.

      #50; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:24:00 GMT
    • Dazzle05 - I Know! I'm amazed, too that I'm running after 7 weeks. I'm not saying it's a smart thing to do and it's definately against my doctor's orders. He said minimally 10 weeks after surgery it MIGHT be possible to do a light jog. But, I'm very stubborn and there's no pain. However, there's still swelling and stiffness so I have to stretch, stretch, stretch before and after. But since I've started running again the swelling hasn't increased at all and the stiffness hasn't worsened, infact it's gotten better since I've been running, believe it or not. I know how lucky I am to make such a quick recovery and I may be the exception to the rule so I would advise people to DON'T do what I'm doing by trying to hurry the recovery process.
      #51; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:25:00 GMT
    • I had radical bunionectomies on both feet 14 years ago and have had a pretty good experience. I think it has to do with the type of surgery, my age at the time (25) and the fact that I have been really careful with shoes since then. I don't know how many of you have flat feet, but my Podiatrist told me that flat feet are most inclined to get bunions and at an earlier age because of the lack of support. I have severly flat feet, so, since mine haven't recurred, I feel like a success. I do get some inflammation occasionally around the joint if I've worn heels for a special event.

      I had my feet done one at a time, 6 weeks apart, because I had small children. But if I had to do it over again, I'd make them do both at once. Although the surgery was painful, my recovery was quick. I don't mean I was back in fashionable shoes right away, but I was up and around as soon as my doc said I could be.

      My mother had hers done about 2 years ago. She had a less invasive type of surgery than mine (I had the one where the bones were cut and positioned with pins). She didn't stay off her feet for as long as they said to, either. Her bunions have already come back and she will have to have another surgery if she choses to have them fixed again.

      My advice is to discuss all the surgical options with your doctor. If you are going under the knife, you might as well have the kind of surgery that will provide lasting results. Also, stay off your feet for as long as they tell you too. Don't rush it.

      [This message has been edited by steigenhoffer (edited 10-04-2002).]

      #52; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:26:00 GMT
    • THANKS for everyone's response! I'm still concerned about the appearance of a smaller bunion on my foot. I won't say the surgery wasn't successful - I'm still not sure. (I guess your right - its probably due to some swelling). I had a orthopedic preform the surgery. He inserted pins during surgey that were removed maybe a month later. Does anyone know the difference between having pins or screws?? Advantages/disadvantages? I start physical therapy this week as my toes is still pretty stiff. Hopefully, this will help and I'll be able to wear my normal shoes. Can anyone recall how long it took before you could get into your old shoes? I have to get the other foot done but I want to wait for my left foot heal completely before I go back in. Thx again!
      #53; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:27:00 GMT
    • I had both feet done at the same time,4 bunions 2 hammer toes, it took about a year,very painful i might say.then i had 2 bones removed from the middle toes,hurt but nothing like the first one,I lived on 3rd floor and i couldnt do anything,my mom had to move all my food in the frig to the bottem level cuz the only way for me to get around is to crawl on my behind. I thought thing were fine but now i'm having severe foot cramps that wake me up every other night, the cramps come on anywhere anytime, the doc has givin me pain pills but after while they dont work. I'm hoping theres nothing seriously wrong this doesnt seem normal to me. I just want to say i really feel for all those that have to go through these awful foot problems.
      #54; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:28:00 GMT
    • Hi All,

      Just a quick note to say I'm now one week post-op, one foot, and the recovery's going really well. Had a bunion and bunionette removed, as well as toes straigthened, which involved cutting bone in several spots. I have removable pins which come out in 5 weeks.

      I haven't had any major pain and anticipate getting my "other left" done in the next weeks sometime.

      Hope everyone's up & around & doing well.

      #55; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:29:00 GMT
    • I am scheduled to have bunions removed on both feet at once in January...I'm afraid if I only do one foot I won't go back for the second...I also can't afford to be out of work twice...

      My doctor (thankfully!) is not minimizing the surgery and has only agreed to do both at once since my mom lives in a two family house with me and is available to help...he has told me that doing both at once he will keep me overnight in hospital for pain management (that scared the daylights out of me)...I know I have no choice but the have the surgery...but I must admit that I am very apprehensive about the post-op...

      #56; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:30:00 GMT
    • Hey booklvr52,

      It may not turn out to be as bad as you're anticipating. I had both feet done about 15 years ago, and only had to take pain meds for a couple of days. Granted, that surgery only involved removing the actual bumps, not toe reallignment. My bunions did come back as it turned out, but I've had one foot redone (properly this time) just over two weeks ago, and I'm doing fine. I'm getting the other done in about 5 weeks time. But actually, your situation sounds like a reasonable way to go, too - if you have to lay around with one foot elevated, why not go for two? Let your mom take care of you (moms groove on that stuff) and don't worry too much about it. I think the procedures have really come a long way.

      #57; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:31:00 GMT
    • I am wondering if any bunion sufferers had these symptoms? A year ago I got a sudden big toe pain that became chronic, and now it is mainly ball of foot pain. Podiatrist says it is bunion and osteoarthritis, but earlier docs said gout (meds didn't help much and I never had red, inflamed toe) and sesamoiditis. My concern is that tho xrays show bunion and some arthritis, ball of foot pain may be due to something else and surgery won't fully cure problem. I have no pain on side of toe at all, nor is it ever red or even sore. Do you all think my syptoms sound like bunion/arthritis only? thanks.
      #58; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:32:00 GMT
    • Booklvr52.. I think it's a mistake to have both feet operated on at once. I had a hard time dealing with one foot, I don't think I could have handled two. At least when one foot functions normally, you can hop around, use crutches, drive, etc. With both feet incapacitated, you'll have a heck of a time getting around.. be prepared to be housebound for at least a month. Good luck!!!
      #59; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:33:00 GMT
    • Hello all -

      It's been a while since my last post - due to distress! I had surgery Sept 16, 2002, and I am still on crutches. The bone hasn't "fused" as of yet, even with two weeks of surgical shoe, 4 weeks casted, and 1 1/2 MORE WEEKS WITH CRUTCHES!

      #60; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:34:00 GMT
    • Question about post-surgery personal needs,

      Hi folks,

      Very interesting posts, and most informative! I'm about to have 2 bunionectomies, one at a time, and am already disabled and diabetic. Thank God, my diabetes is under control, so that's not much of a problem at present--I've just lost over 120 lbs. and am very careful with my diet--I weigh and measure my food. Anything's better than being 300 lbs.! A big problem is a very bad back with degenerative disks, I already have a difficult time getting up from the bathroom--how do you manage it when you've got one foot you can't put any weight on? Can you step on your heel or not?

      Thanks for any help! I'd really rather win the lotto instead of going through this, but better to get it done now while the sugar is okay, I guess.

      Have a great day,


      Mom to 3 great birds! :-)

      #61; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:35:00 GMT
    • Hello Hurtin' Foot E-pals,

      First off, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Birdfan for losing all that weight and getting your glucose levels under control - a good friend of mine has Type 1 diabetes, and I know it's a hell of a thing to manage. Good for you! BTW, yes, you can step on your heel, and best of luck on the bunionectomies.

      To Userbaby - Uggh, how nasty! Could it be that you did too much too soon? Maybe the foot needs to spend more time elevated. You might also want to consider taking a bone supplement, or just some extra calcium. I did that while recovering from a broken wrist a while back and found it really helped. I'm contiuing to take supplements as I heal from bunion surgery - almost 3 weeks post-op, and so far, so good.

      #62; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:36:00 GMT
    • Thanks, Marysol! I've got about 35 lbs. more to go, but it's getting there, slowly but surely. At least it's not 150+ lbs. any more! :-)

      I've got Type 2 Diabetes, and if I didn't watch it, I'd be on insulin for sure. Both sides of my family have insulin-dependent diabetics, sigh, such is life.

      Thanks for letting me know about stepping on the heel, I plan to keep my foot elevated A LOT, don't want to deal with further surgeries, that's for sure. I am already looking at getting lots of craft projects and books to keep me out of mischief...as if that were possible. I may get older (46) but I will never turn into a geezer, grin! Too feisty!

      Sending everyone wishes for good health and happiness,



      Stocking up on bird seed in order to not need to go to Pet Supermarket after surgery...and find more baby birds to adopt! :-)

      My husband ALMOST got talked into getting a Conure a couple of weeks ago...guess we'd better pay bills first, though, LOL!

      #63; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:37:00 GMT
    • Userbaby, I feel for you! Your story sounds just like mine. I had one bunion corrected with realignment and a hammertoe fixed on July 15th. I was on crutches for 2 months, and with a cast for about 6 weeks. My doctor is a moron. I swear he had me on my foot walking 10 days after the surgery. A month later, the bone had separated where he pinned it.

      Don't fret and don't give up. I just went to see a different doc, an ortho, not a podiatrist, who now has me going to physical therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Apparently, all that time in the cast with a bum bone has made my toe VERY stiff, to the point where it barely moves. But I'm still keeping up faith. You too. And let me know how you're doing.

      #64; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:38:00 GMT
    • Hi Birdfan,

      Congrats on the weight loss. That takes a lot of willpower.

      About the surgery, the two different doctors I had said to be nonweight bearing, not even on your heel, or hopping around because this can cause the bone to reseparate.

      Good Luck. And be extra careful, that diabetes makes you more suceptible to infection. Keep a close eye on that foot.

      #65; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:39:00 GMT
    • Hey Birdfan,

      Just read the most recent couple of posts, and Myloathe is right - you want to avoid weightbearing as much as possible. When I said it was OK to step on your heel, I should have clarified only while wearing your post-op shoe, AND, only when absolutely necessary, like going to the bathroom. Otherwise, it's best to be patient and pretty much recline 24/7.

      Good luck!

      #66; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:40:00 GMT
    • Thanks for all the post regarding my upcoming surgery...Am I correct in thinking, from everything I've heard and read, that the most important issue is keeping weight completely off and elevating the feet for at least the first 10 days...it would seem that most of the post-op problems I have heard of stem from the bones not setting properly...probably due in part to bearing weight too soon...I am still not looking forward to this but thanks to you all for all your support...FYI, my surgery will not be scheduled until mid-January (might as well be stuck in the house in January and February!)
      #67; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:41:00 GMT
    • Thanks for the advice, Marysol and Myloathe!

      Ye ole doc already said at the last appt. that he wants me to be "weight bearing" very soon after surgery. Suuuurre, buddy, no way can I reconcile that with "for the first 48 hours after surgery keep it elevated above your heart for as much time as possible to reduce swelling." I am not a lazy creature, and I do want to keep my circulation going, and plan to stay in bed as much as possible the first few days post-surgery and keep moving my legs and feet quite a bit, but still keeping the feet elevated. I already have a wheelchair so I plan to use that to go "powder my nose." At least for the first week!

      When I was a teenager I had a broken foot, and still remember how miserable it was to try and put weight on it. Well, many many many moons have passed since then, and since I really want this to heal right the first time, I'll be patient with the recovery time, and very careful!

      Now for a new spin on this. I asked the doc if I'd need orthotics post-surgery. He looked at me, grimaced and said "Your insurance won't pay for orthotics." So I looked right back at him and said "Do what you need to do to fix my feet right, I don't care about the size of the scars (being diabetic I wear socks all the time, even in the summer--you can get some nasty sunburns in the Sunny South!) just fix them so they will stay fixed. OK folks, what's your experiences been with and without orthotics?? I certainly don't want to go under the knife again after this for the same problem, Heaven forbid!

      Thanks, and I wish all of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

      All you non-diabetics, enjoy some cranberry sauce for me, grin! And throw some Pumpkin Pie on your plate, too! And sweet potatoes...ahhh!



      #68; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:42:00 GMT
    • Hi Birdfan & All,

      Re: your question about orthotics - I've worn custom orthotics for about 15 years now, following a "simple" bunionectomy in which the bumps were shaved off and that's it. As you may recall from my previous posts, the suckers grew back anyway. One thing I will say for orthotics though, they definitely make footwear more comfortable. When I wear the things in my favorite walking shoes, I can clip along for miles and miles.

      BTW, I got the pins out of my right foot today, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. I've got *one* normal-shaped foot now! I was even able to put on the fave shoes mentioned above. Left foot gets done a week from today, but since everything went so well with the first foot, I'm not too stressed.

      Stay well!

      #69; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:43:00 GMT
    • Just noticed to thread on bunion surgery. I posted seperatly, but will include my message here. I had bunion surgery on 1/8/02. This included cutting the first metatarsil bone. After 10 months with no bone growth I had furhter surgery to graft bone from my heal and insert two screws into the site. It has been 2 months and I am now trying to put pressure on it and build up to walking. There is still sharp pain coming from the area and my entire foot aches after exercising it. Has anyone experienced this and if so how long did the recovery take? Did the bone graft work for you or am I facing more surgery? Are there any altenatives to get the bone to heal? Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.



      #70; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:44:00 GMT
    • Just noticed this thread, so I am adding my previous message to it. I had bunion surgery on 1/8/02. This included cutting the first metatarsil bone. After 10 months with no bone growth I had furhter surgery to graft bone from my heal and insert two screws into the site. It has been 2 months and I am now trying to put pressure on it and build up to walking. There is still sharp pain coming from the area and my entire foot aches after exercising it. Has anyone experienced this and if so how long did the recovery take? Did the bone graft work for you or am I facing more surgery? Are there any altenatives to get the bone to heal? Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.



      #71; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:45:00 GMT
    • Hey, thanks to everyone who has posted on bunions.

      I had surgery 10/21, bunion with toe extender. Pin came out in 3 weeks, screws came out 12/13 after persistent pleadings for 3 weeks. My doctor is a great minimizer too, told me 2 weeks for healing.

      I was stuck home in a too big slippery cheap surgical shoe and needed a heel stabilizer. Took 3 weeks to get a new shoe and stabilizer. I walked (on the heel) too much too soon because of terrible anxiety of never being able to walk again.

      Boy, did I learn alot. When I have the other one in the spring, it will be so much smoother. I am walking ok (with a limp) painfree now that the loose screw is gone

      Homeopathics helped a lot. Bone healing foods helped. This board was a big help.


      #72; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:46:00 GMT
    • Hi all,

      Well, it's been awhile since I posted, but thought I'd give an update. My bunion & hammertoe surgery was August 9. I had a couple of posts on this thread about how the hammertoe still looked wierd after the surgery, and about how I still had pain in the bunion area. On my follow-up visits with the podiatrist, he seemed to think everything was fine, told me to go ahead and walk on my treadmill in September, said it all looked good. I said I didn't think it looked so good, plus it hurt. He said it was healing just right.

      Update: I went back to him last week because of continued pain and deformed looking hammertoe, and insisted that something was wrong and asked for x-rays. It turns out that part of the bone is growing back on the hammertoe, and that I also have a fractured sesamoid bone. I'm really frustrated and angry at this point, as you can imagine. He said he can do more surgery on the hammertoe (just what I want..more surgery), can either just clip the tendon so it won't stick up so much, or can do that plus go back in and cut the bone again, if I really want it fixed right.

      As for the bone fracture, he wrapped my foot, told me to come back at the end of this week, and he can either make an orthotic and give me a cortisone shot, or go in and remove the bone.

      I read about the sesamoid bone on the internet - a couple of different articles talked about sesamoiditis and said that it's treated with cortisone shots sometimes, but to be sure it's NOT a fracture before giving a cortisone shot. huh??

      I'm going to get a second opinion before I let this idiot cut me again. Ack...

      Wish I would have left my foot alone in the first place, bunion and all.

      #73; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:47:00 GMT
    • Ah, Lynnlin that really sucks! I remember the sausage toe now.

      yeah, you're like me. I wish I never had this stupid bunion surgery. The swelling has finally gone down and there's no early morning pain, but at the end of the day when I have to take my shoes off, WOW, does it hurt! BAD! It's like just bending my foot at that area is a downer.

      I refuse to go back to my podiatrist. I went to see an ortho a couple of months back and I had to get my XRays and notes from my podiatrist. He put on the notes about a month after the surgery (and everyone after) that my foot was fractured from a fall! I never told him I fell. Never. He told me that it was just separation from the pin. What a jerk. When I took everything to the ortho, he did say that it was healing well, he wouldn't have done such extensive surgery on someone so young and active (26), and that my doc basically covered his butt really well. I really hate this guy.

      So now, I suffer with end of the day pain, and I refuse to go back to a foot doctor.

      DON'T DO IT!! Especially not with the same guy. Go to your primary physician, explain what happened and to please get you in to see a different foot doctor. Once was enough girl.

      Would you believe my hammertoe actually healed up better than the bunion. It used to look like it went through the meat grinder but now it actually looks like a toe. (and it doesn't hurt either).

      Good Luck!!

      #74; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:48:00 GMT
    • It's so frustrating, isn't it? I called an orthopedic surgeon's office this morning and made an appointment for January 17. My next scheduled appointment with the podiatrist is this Friday, and I'll go in and let them wrap it yet again, but that's it. I'm going to ask for my x-rays and take them with me to the orthopedic guy on the 17th. Fortunately, my insurance doesn't require a referral or anything, so I'm free to see whoever I want, as long as they're accepted under my insurance.

      The podiatrist acted like it was just a coincidence that I developed a fractured sesamoid bone so soon after the bunion surgery. Somehow I don't agree..

      #75; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:49:00 GMT
    • Hi Footsie,

      I hurt so bad last night and today is OK, it hurts, but tolerable. I just hope i is not something that I am letting go, that should be paid attention to, I work at a desk, for ten hours a day. I dont think I can do that starting Tuesday, as you say the foot not elevated is so painful, it throbs and I am not ready to be in pain a work. My work station is not conducive to placing my foot up. I guess we as patients can ask the doc to extend the tim off for another work, or until the throbbing when not elevated goes away...I am supposed to have the right on done in September and we have a trip to Brazil planned for July 3rd. I wonder if I have given myself enough time to get into at least sandals or sneakers.

      #76; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:12:00 GMT
    • Wow, a trip to South America. You'd better get better!

      I'm wondering if I'll just have to get used to some level of pain. Right now, I feel like I'm reducing the pain by staying off of it. Be assured someone is

      "waiting and seeing" with you - me.

      #77; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:13:00 GMT
    • wasup254 & footsie,

      I am currently 5 weeks post op from having the same surgery. I was walking from day one, and back in my own tennis shoe by the 3rd week. I think walking on it early helps speed up the recovery. I did elevate my foot and iced it constantly for the first two weeks. I have very little swelling, and I have not had much pain. I know everyone is given different advice from their doctor, but I've had a great recovery. Beleive me, the pain will get better, and by the middle to end of week 4, if you are doing your range of motion excercises, you will see improvement each day. I am hoping by Friday (6 weeks post op), when I see my podiatrist, that I am finally walking without a limp. It will get better, good luck.

      #78; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:14:00 GMT
    • Thanks for all the encouragement, I had a better day...I walked more, the pain was a bit less, BUT at bught, like right now, it is throbbing and numb at the same time.....Shooter: How long were you off of work??


      #79; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:15:00 GMT
    • wasup254,

      I had the procedure done on a Friday, took the following Monday off, and then went to work on Tuesday. I only worked Tuesday and Wednesday that week, as it was too difficult to elevate my foot comfortably. I worked 4 days the next week, and haven't missed a day since. My Podiatrist had me walking with my own shoe at 3 weeks, not sure what your's will tell you. I have had very little pain or problems wearing my own shoe, but I do get some slight swelling if I push it too hard. I can't believe the difference between weeks 4 & 5, I have seen so much more improvement in the last week.

      #80; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:17:00 GMT
    • to dippydebb, wasup254 and footsie,

      i am in post-op 7+ weeks. i had the bunionectomy on my left foot on thursday 02/27/03 and returned to work, on crutches, post-op day 4. by post-op day 7, i was doing really well - no swelling at all. but i ditched my crutches by day 10 or 11 (dr said it was okay as of day 7 but i didn't want to take any risks so i waited a few days). then on day 14/15 i did notice swelling from bearing weight on my left foot. i continued to sleep wih my foot elevated and that did help a bit. stitches were removed that same day.

      post-op week 4, had the pin removed from my foot - was finally able to take showers and wash my left foot. a little swelling post-romoval of pin.

      just got to start wearing real shoes a little over a week ago - some soreness and tenderness but overall, doing well. i did talk to my sister's neighbor who had both feet done at the same time last summer ( but had screws in her feet whereas i had a removable pin) she advised me to continue being careful - that i'm still healing even thought it's almost post-op 8 weeks. and told me not to exercise yet - that it's too soon to start. she said that if i continued to "baby' my foot, that it will straighten up (my toes are still pointing a little to the lateral side even thought the bump has been removed) her feet looks great - i had seen her before pics and knew that her feet were much worse than mine.

      anyhow, good luck with all of your recoveries - i will be headed back to surgery for my right foot in a few weeks.

      #81; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:18:00 GMT
    • To everyone. I went to my dr. appointment,today. The cast came off and I saw my foot it looks great. I'm in no pain whatsoever but wait til therapy. I called today for my appointment it starts on Thursday. Three times a week for 6 weeks. I asked my foot dr. why it took so long for me. I had reconstructive surgery almost a whole new foot. He told me I can take a bath on Wednesday to remove a lot of the dead skin. My right leg looks like a fish and a hairy ape. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm very pleased with the outcome. The left foot well be done in Sept.I have to work for awhile. I also have Jury duty in June. I don't want to be in a cast for the summer months I would like to enjoy them and do some traveling. Peace, Debra
      #82; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:19:00 GMT
    • I called into the doctor last night, she gave me her home number and she said to stay out of work and that she would see me this Thursday, I was suppsoe dto see her today, BUT I liv in Pompano and she is in Naples, Florida, as I work in Naples and I knew her and her work, I decided to have the surgery in Naples ( about 115 Miles) from Pompano. I could not drive the number of miles with my left foot not elevated, as anytime it is not elevated, I have to find a way to get it elevated. I feel it is so swollen, I had surgery 4-11. SO my husband will drive me Thursday.

      I have read that some people are back to work within a week, i am now out since 4-11, I had a screw placed as the repair method. Is this normal? The Doc told me to take this week off also and maybe even next week. I still have to have the other foot done and that one needs some surgery on the big and baby toes.

      Right now it is throbbing and it has been not elevated for about ten minutes. But now it is getting to the untolerable stage.

      Thanks for listening.

      #83; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:20:00 GMT
    • hi wasup254,

      no crutches?? i'm a little surprised. i was on crutches for about 10 days (believe me, i tried to weasel out of it but my podiatrist (upon his insistance) ended up loaning me a pair before i underwent surgery) but i must say, i had no swelling when i was using the crutches - i'm sure that was because i didn't bear any weight on my left foot for 10 days (and i kept my foot elevated while i slept...i did go back to work, with crutches. post-op day 4) after i stopped using th ecrutches, my foot did swell up a little. i still have a little inflammation and scar tissue building up, so my foot still looks a little bigger than it should.

      i had a pin in my metatarsal bone (sticking out of my foot) for 4 weeks. my sister's neighbor had both feet done at the same time last year, and she has permanent, titanium screws in her feet. from what i've read on these sites, a lot of people have the screws in their feet. i think the screws are supposedly more sturdy - didn't ask my dr why he chose the removable pin method though.

      i am 2 days away from the end of post-op week 8 - the estimated recovery period - i did speak to my sister's neighbor on easter sunday and she told me to continue "babying" my foot. she said that it's still healing and that i shouldn't jump back into exercising yet. her feet were worse than mine, and they look great now. she assured me that as long as i continue to "baby" my foot, it will, in time, straighten out more - right now, it still points a bit to the lateral side. i do wear a splint when i'm at home...and when i wear shoes, i also wear a bunion toe separator.

      if you like to see, i have directions to my link of my pre-op and post-op pics under the topic "should i get the bunion surgery" started by "GirlWonder." i will be having my surgery for the right foot in a few weeks, hopefully. i will also provide updated photos soon - i think the latest pics are of post-op day 36 (over two weeks ago) another member followed me in posting pics, too. "randigale" also has a link posted under the same topic folder.

      hope all is well. happy and healthy recovery to you!!

      btw, i know my doc wanted me to take more time off work...but he said that considering my foot was not swollen at all on post-op day7 after the fact that i had gone back to work post-op day4, he saw no problem - didn't reprimand me at all. i have to admit though, i started to feel a bit of pain starting about 2 weeks ago - but nothing excruciating. in fact, the only excruciating pain was felt the day after surgery - i had nausea and even though i was hungry, i couldn't keep food down an i had a migraine. but once the migraine was gone, i was able to deal with the nausea - 800mg ibuprofen twice a day and vicodin e.s. before bedtime just for a few days. stopped taking pain pills by day 8.

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      #84; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:21:00 GMT
    • Hello everyone. To wasup254. I don't know what's happening with that foot. Maybe, it was better that you go and see what's going on. I drove today with my foot. I was so excited that I got into my car after my family using it for a month and a half. Had to change the radio station and the clock time. I met my friend for lunch and after lunch I did some shopping and walking around on my foot I had no problem using this surgical shoe my ft. dr gave me. Tomorrow, I can get in and take a shower and get all this dead skin off. I still can't put on my other shoe. Iam afraid to take out this stitches but he told me they dissolve in the water. I go back to work after May 5th. He already signed my release papers. My boss will like that one. Peace, Debra
      #85; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:22:00 GMT
    • Wasup, I had an almost comfortable night last night

      (night 13). I was so happy that I woke up because I was done sleeping instead of because of the pain. Today I kept the foot on the floor for the duration of a quick dinner. That was a first for me, and afterward it hurt only about as much as 1 minute used to. I'm geeked! If dinner took even 10 minutes - that's 900% improvement! btw, I'm going to stay off work till next Monday, day 20. So you'll prob. beat me back.

      LittlePrincess, the doc never had me use crutches, either. Too bad, cuz I've gotten really good at'em. Stairs and all, and really work-up-a-sweat fast. Someone I know had a big tool belt that she carried all her stuff in when whe was on crutches. It is kind of nice to have your hands free, though.

      #86; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:23:00 GMT
    • I am so ready to get this bandage off, that will happen tomorrow...it is so annoying and the swelling I believe that there is underneath, as it throbs and it gets tight.. I am not sure if I have the dissolvable stitches, I so wish to go back to work, as sitting around is not my idea of a fun day...work is not all fun, but it does make the time go by...cannot believe I said that!

      I am amazed at the amount of different scenarios, from back to work by day 4 to some people out for two months. This is making me think of where I might fall. Cannot wait to get the scoop from the doc.

      Did you have an post op xray, if you have screws or pins placed, in the docs office, when you went back for a post op visit, as I wonder if I am OK with the placement of the screw.

      Thanks again! http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/smile.gif

      #87; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:24:00 GMT
    • I am so ready to get this bandage off, that will happen tomorrow...it is so annoying and the swelling I believe that there is underneath, as it throbs and it gets tight.. I am not sure if I have the dissolvable stitches, I so wish to go back to work, as sitting around is not my idea of a fun day...work is not all fun, but it does make the time go by...cannot believe I said that!

      I am amazed at the amount of different scenarios, from back to work by day 4 to some people out for two months. This is making me think of where I might fall. Cannot wait to get the scoop from the doc.

      Did you have an post op xray, if you have screws or pins placed, in the docs office, when you went back for a post op visit, as I wonder if I am OK with the placement of the screw.

      Thanks again! http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/smile.gif

      #88; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:25:00 GMT
    • Hi Wasup254, I had reconstructive surgery that's why I was off so long. I had asked my foot doctor that question. I,too, had alot of people tell me they were back to work within a week my doctor told me I couldn't have been back that soon. I understand the boredom,too. I tried to keep myself busy. The worst was when we had an ice storm and without electricity for three days. I was still in a cast. I got in and took a bath this morning and got rid of the dead skin. I put a ton of lotion that my foot doctor perscribed to me on my foot it's still dry. I'm just going get in and soak it some more. The thing is the right foot still looks like my left foot before surgery I can't tell the difference. Well, thanks for listening to me. Debra
      #89; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:26:00 GMT
    • I went to the doc and she said that the swelling was too much to take out the sttitches, she said it looked good, the screw was positioned fine and that she had cut some bone and had moved the bone back into position. She said that she wanted me to take two more weeks off!! I am beside myself. I am going to have the stitiches out 5-3 now, that will be three weeks post op. The part that is swollen is the part of the top of the foot, from the toes to about mid way down the top pf the foot, the toes are not that swollen. I want to go back to work, so I plan to ask her if what I will nee dto go back to work and then call work and ask if they can supply the items, like something to prop my foot up and also that I cannot be up much at all. I am up as much here at home as I would be at work. I feel that this bunion has taken me by surprise and I want to get moving and see what I can do and get back to work, My husband is worried that I am moving to fast, but the time doing nothing is driving me crazy.

      Can anyone think of what I might cause if I went back to work early? Like more recovery time? if i follow the directions and stay off it at work, will it be much like at home?



      #90; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:27:00 GMT
    • Hi Marlene, I read your post. I think you are rushing it a bit. I would follow drs. orders. I know I had the boredom. I have one more week and a few days of the following week. I started my therapy yesterday. My foot look awful on Thursday. The therapist had me doing some exercises I can do at home. I get a hot compress and a cold pack on my foot. I would keep ice on your foot for awhile my foot still looks awful and swollen. I soak it with epsom salt and then put an ice pak on it for a few minutes. I also bought another bottle of extra strength tylentol as my mother had my other one. Iam on my feet for eight hours a day. My foot looks like yours its all red on top. I put an ointment on it and looks better now. Hope the ice pack helps. Peace, Debra
      #91; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:28:00 GMT
    • Hi all!

      I was very interested in reading the different results on bunion surgery. I had surgery on my right foot 6 days ago. My surgery involved cutting the bone and re-aligning it and putting a screw in. I also had my 3rd and 4rth toes straightened on the same foot. 3 days after surgery they removed all the bandages and I was amazed at my foot! That big bump is gone and my toes are so straight! Other than being purple and black and swollen, it looks great! The pain was bad but tolerable the first 2 days and I have been using crutches and will continue to do so for 5 weeks. I try to keep the foot elevated as much as possible. Stiches come out in another week. Considering what was done, I have no complaints at this point. Hope this gives some of you hope out there!!!

      #92; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:29:00 GMT
    • To DippyDebb:

      Hi (Debra)...I have been reading this board and wanted you to know that I had my big toe fused with two screws put in (to stay in)..and I also was in a cast for 6 weeks, and non-weight bearing for the first 3 weeks! It is 8 weeks now, and I am still in my surgical shoe, but go back to the dr. in 2 weeks to hopefully get back into reg. shoes soon. Recovery has been fabulous, and no pain, foot looks wonderful! Just wanted you to know I too had the cast, and I am glad I did. Take care,


      #93; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:30:00 GMT
    • I went to the Doc and got the stitches removed...the surgery is three weeks old and I am now in a brace, then in two weeks she said to bring to the office a sneaker and we can see if it is time to try the senaker I will be 5 weeks post op...so 5 weeks post op and maybe in a sneaker...she also said for me to go ahead and ride my bike with the boot on, just dont go wild on the bike...that makes me feel so good...so next weekend plan to try the bike...

      All the stress from the fact that I have been out of work since April 10th is paying off, as I was strict and stay off it and it is ahead of the post op course plan...

      Hope everyone else has good results...

      I need to have the right foot done, but that will be September...as I am going to Brazil in July...

      #94; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:31:00 GMT
    • lynnlin: Hi, I check back on the HB occasionally

      to see how everyone's feet are doing and ran across

      your message. Sorry to hear that you have still been

      having problems. Easy to say, operate again; is that

      "free of charge?" Ha! Somehow, they just don't

      think it is any "biggie" to go through this. I have

      been doing pretty good with my last surgery, which

      was the end of July. We went back home for Christmas

      and I couldn't believe how great my feet were. I

      didn't even complain; what a miracle. I still have

      swelling in the toes once in a while, but hope & pray

      that is all I get. We've changed insurance co's

      recently and this one will not honor anything to do

      with my feet. Kind of scarey, as you well know, as

      it seems to be a never ending deal once you start in

      on the feet. I have had my share of surgeries as it

      is; hopefully, no more. It isn't fair, is it? You

      have certainly had enough. Don't know what the Dr's.

      consider major, if your surgery was not. Do hope you

      do not have to go through it, again. Be interesting

      to hear what the second opinion is. Good luck!


      #95; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:50:00 GMT
    • Thanks, Dottie. Good to hear from you again.

      Yes, it'll be interesting to see what the new doctor says. I'm staying away from the treadmill and any extensive walking right now, and the lack of exercise combined with the holiday eating may mean that my next appointment will be with an obesity specialist!

      Glad you're doing well with yours, and hope you continue to do well - that's kind of scary about the insurance, huh?

      #96; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:51:00 GMT
    • Lynnlin: Yeah, I hate the deal with insurance but

      guess that is what they have to do. Doesn't make

      much difference as they "fight" it all, anyways. The

      new policy has a lot of "pluses" but we will find

      out what "pluses" they have in the end. They are

      all basically the same. I have had foot problems,

      but who's to say that this is all. Oh well, life

      is wonderful, forget the insurance, right? Hearing

      a lot of the problems on the board, life is still

      pretty great. Hope you get some relief soon. I

      can't believe, nor my husband, that I did not complain

      about feet when we went home for Christmas. Right

      now, everything is great! Don't know when the next

      bomb will fall. It makes you appreciate what each

      body part does, when something goes "amuck", right?


      #97; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:52:00 GMT
    • Haven't posted in a while...I had my surgery 1/14 and am currently back at work PT (hoping to go FT next week!)...my surgeon talked me out of doing both feet at once so I only did one...it's healing great and I have no real pain and only slight end of day swelling.

      However, I did spend the first 12-14 days flat on my back on the couch with my foot elevated above my heart and on ice 24/7...went only as far as the bathroom! It was 3 weeks before I got to sleep in my bed...but all in all I am pleased with the surgery and the results so far...

      My recommendation for anyone getting this surgery would be to go directly to an orthopedic surgeon to have it done...seems like a lot of the problems I've read here are from surgeries done by podiatrists...

      good luck to everyone...

      #98; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:53:00 GMT
    • my goodness!! i didn't find this chatboard until after my surgery...just had it done 5 days ago. have to admit, reading all this did scare me. anyhow, i'm 26 years old. bunions run in my family. funny, 4 out of 5 females (mom, sisters and me) have bunions and the men (my dad and my four brothers) have perfect feet. so i figured that my feet are messed up because (1) heredity (2) small shoes (we were poor, so i never complained that my shoes were a little too snug).

      my mom and i went to a podiatrist when i was young (late elementary or early middle school) yes, at that young age, my feet were bad. the worst of everyone in my family. he never called me or my mom back. i assume it was because we had med-ical (i've worked for a psychiatrist when i was in college - he turned down patients with medi-cal - had me tell them that he wasn't accepting new patients at the moment - but then turns around and accepts new patients with health insurance) so i'm pretty sure he didn't want to make little money.

      so now my degree from a prestigious college has resulted in a job with great benefits. so now i can afford to heve the bunionectomy. i did go to a podiatrist - only after my friend's mom, a nurse, recommended a great doctor. so far i'm doing well. he insisted that i only get one foot done at a time. didn't want me to put any weight on the operated foot. the pain killers made me too nauseated. i prefer to put up with the pain and be able to eat than feel no foot pain and upchuck my meals. i go in this thursday to change my dressing. i'm so scared. i heard that the sight of the stitches and pin are extremely gross. i'm curious to see what it looks like, but not at the expense of passing out.

      btw, does anyone know what to do to minimize the smell? besides changing the dressing weekly. i know my foot doesn't smell too bad - no one has complained - but i have this obsessive compulsive thing about hygeine. hey, my doctor's orders included "no shower until seen by doctor". so i bend the rules and say that a "bath" is not a shower. i figure that as long as i don't get my foot wet, i should be fine. (yeah, i'm a bio major...so i figure what i've learned tells me that it's okay)

      sorry for the novel...i'm just so excited to find a place to "talk" about this.

      #99; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:54:00 GMT
    • Hi there, <thelittleprincess>. I see where you didn't find this board until after your surgery. Sometimes I wish I hadn't either. I did all my research, trying to cover all my bases and get all the information I could. MANY of the posts scared me to death too. I was so unsure about what to do (you can catch some of my story under "need bunionectomy advice" on this board). I still have flashes of some of those posts at the mere twinge of pain or burning. Go figure.

      I ended up having the surgery (Austin bunionectomy with 2 screws) by a podiatrist on 2/20, was walking on my foot by postop 4, and went back to work (sitting with my leg/foot elevated to the right of my workstation)on postop day 5. Here I am on postop day 13 and going to have the stitches out today, after which I should be able to take an actual "all-over shower" (can't wait). I have done extremely well, considering what I had prepared myself for after all the posts here. I have had very little swelling (but still keep my foot elevated about 50% of the time). I get around well, putting weight on the foot well; the only problem is I look strange having to walk "flat footed" in this lovely postop shoe. I believe I may have been up and around sooner because, even though I also had the bone cut and some bone removed, I had two screws put in rather than a "pin" that holds things together. My podiatrist told me that the screws would make it more stable sooner and able to bear weight sooner. I can move my toe without a lot of pain, although I have to admit there is some discomfort, more at the end of the day, when I do move it a lot.

      As far as the "smell", I assume you mean because of not being able to get it wet. My bandages aren't very extensive (he changed it from the big, bulky thing on postop day 4 to a smaller, more managable one). I use a "baby wipe" to wash my foot and toes (the parts that stick out) when I take my bath (with my foot/leg hanging over the side of the tub). The bandage looks pretty bad by now (8 days later) but hope to get it changed today and then be able to change a light bandage myself from now on).

      I do hope you do well with your recovery and that you continue to improve. Hang in there and try not to worry too much about the problems others have--I have seen from all the posts that every person and every surgery is different. Try to follow your doctor's orders and don't test the waters too soon. He will let you know how soon and how much you can do. Take care and keep us informed.

      #100; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:55:00 GMT
    • thanks for your words, webmom76! i really appreciate the positive things you had to say. i did check out the other bunion related topics and read about your stories.

      i went to the doctor's yesterday. saw my stiches and pin for the first time. i'm doing especially well. i admitted to the doctor that i did go back to work postop day 4....and he said that considering i did that and that my foot was not swollen at all, i'm doing especially good. i was nervous, thought i'd see lots of brusing and a bloody pin. didn't see any of that (just blood on my innermost bandages). it was amazing to see how "small" the distal end of my foot was. wish i'd brought in my digital camera so i could show my friends and family the difference. think i'll do that next week when i get the stitches taken out. it does look a little funny though, because the other toes are still leaning toward the lateral side. doc said that's because i've had the bunion most my life, so my toes are "trained" to go in that direction. hey, as long as there is no more bunion associated pain, i'm okay with it. anyway, he called my surgery a complex bunionectomy. since i've literally grew up having a bunion, i had lots of connective tissue between my big toe and the 2nd toe. he did cut a ligament (or tendon, i forget, that pulls my toe toward the lateral side as discussed prior to surgery) but he also had to cut a lot of tissue around the area. my pain is tolerable. not too bad. still using the crutches though. doc said i could walk on my foot, as long as i keep it flat (no rolling arches) but i'm too scared. i read about the fractured foot from walking too early - so i'm trying to avoid that. my x-rays didn't show the "line" from where the v-shaped cut on the metatarsal bone was made (bump on the bunion was also cut/shaved off)...so that's a great sign of quick healing. unfortunately, i can't take a full shower until the pin is removed - postop week 4 to week 6.

      side note: i'm looking forward to shoe shopping after both feet are healed...so i guess maybe in 4 months (i only have my left foot done right now...will do the right foot in about 2 months) !! by the way...i did try on some shoes at nordstrom last month (i needed pumps for my business suit i bought for my school interview) and i must say, now i know why those shoes are $100 and up. they are sooooooo comfortable.....yes, even the heels with 1 1/2 to 2 inches. i bought a pair of "paolo" something. the shoes were on sale, so i got them for $70. they were pretty comfortable, except that since my foot is so wide at the front, it kinda started punching by hour 6 or 7 of my interview. but the "via spigas" - totally felt like i had no shoes on whatsoever. after i graduate from the doctorate program, i'll be investing in shoes like that. i say that they are definitely worth it. i'd rather own one pair of basic black via spigas heel than 3 pairs of "affordable" heels. i highly recommend you ladies go out and at least try them on (i use to always pass the expensive shoes because, well, they were too pricey....but hell, i've decided i'm not going to torture my feet after the bunionectomies. i'll do what it takes to prevent the bunions from recurring)

      #101; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:56:00 GMT
    • I have just begun my quest for information regarding foot pain and bunions.

      I have been to two podiatrists, both recommend surgery to correct the deformity. My right foot has a mild/moderate bunion, the left has a mild bunion. I have no hammering of the toes, but clearly the big toe on the right foot is starting to push up the neighboring toe.

      The pain I experience is as follows: After resting or sleeping, when I get up I can hardly walk! It seems to be a combination of stiffness and sensitivity. The entire bottoms of both feet are affected. After a few steps they loosen up, after a few more, I seem to be okay. I occasionally have shooting pains around the bunion area, this is more on the top of my foot.

      I have no one to help care for me, I'm extremely active, and stand for a living. Considering all of the above, I'm wondering if I should have both done, or just the right foot.

      I am assuming that the earlier the procedure is performed, with respect to severity of deformity, the easier the recovery period. Any comments?

      It is a difficult decision, I appreciate any input.

      #102; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:57:00 GMT
    • First to <thelittleprincess>: glad you are doing so well. I, too, was afraid to put weight on my operated foot--just knew I was going to have a "knife-like" pain shooting up my leg but didn't experience any of that. My podiatrist put in a "build up" piece of foam about 1/2" thick in my postop shoe on my 1 week postop visit but cut out the part that would be underneath my big toe (the operated site). I can put my whole weight on the shoe but no weight is actually on that small area. He said that would give it a chance to heal while I got used to walking and putting weight on it. It worked like a charm! I am postop day 18 now and doing extremely well. I actually drove myself to work today (kept a larger distance between me and the car in front of me) and didn't have a problem. The postop shoe is not uncomfortable, just kind of different. I wouldn't recommend a straight drive though--especially with the left foot done (mine was the right). I hope you continue to do well and that you are hopping around on that foot in no time!

      To <sarahadweller>: being on your own and standing on your feet for a living are definitely things to think about before doing the surgery. I had a mild bunion but it was complicated by a cyst that was very, very painful. The type of pain that you describe the first thing in the morning and involving the whole bottom of your feet isn't familiar to me at all (at least for myself, but my husband has plantar faciaitis and has exactly that type of pain--he gets some relief by "stretching" his foot toward him at least 20 times before getting out of bed, never goes barefoot--even in the house, and wears Birkenstock sandles while at home and New Balance running shoes with orthotic inserts while working--stands on his feet all day; you might ask your podiatrist about it). Anyway, if you don't have someone to help you, the first several days may be quite uncomfortable for you. My husband has been a lifesaver and has really helped me with everything. I was told I couldn't drive for the first 2 weeks and no weight at all for 3 days, so I can't imagine having to do everything for yourself. I used crutches the first day and a walker the next two but still needed someone to help me with day to day stuff (especially getting in and out of the tub, etc.) I wish you the best and hope your recovery is smooth. Take care.

      #103; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:58:00 GMT
    • dear webmom76,

      glad to hear that you are also doing well. i gave up on the crutches yesterday...so i'm bearing a little weight on my left foot. it is a little sore compared to the few preceding days, but it's tolerable.

      dear saharadweller,

      considering your rather active lifestyle and the fact that you won't have someone to help care for you, i don't think it would be such a good idea to do both feet. i'm somewhat active, and can not bear the idea of not being able to do much (if i had both feet done, i would not even be able to walk up to my 2nd floor apartment by myself!!) so with one foot done, i can hobble around (used crutches for about 10 days) getting in the bath tub is a little tricky, but i can do it mself. standing in the kitchen postop day 8 was a bit of a nightmare. had friends over to watch the laker game, so i cooked. my boyfriend helped, but standing there preparing crabcakes was quite a feat. my feet were aching (my right, unoperated foot was sore because of the weight i had to put on it to support my left operated foot.)

      my sister's neighbor had both feet done at the same time (it's partly because of her i had the courage to take care of this now) and she told me to invest in some really good knee pads if i got both done. you will be crawling around on your knees for a while. she also hired someone to help with the grocery shopping and cooking for her. even with only one foot done, i was extremely thankful to have my sister and my boyfriend around to get me food, ice packs and whatever i needed the fisrt 3 days. i'm a little worried about when i get my right foot done - don't know how i will drive then. i'm sure i'll figure it out. thought about hiring my unemployed friend to drive me around, but taking an anatomy class and working full time (in a lab where my hours are never consistent becuase of my experiments) makes it kinda more of an inconvenience to chauffer me than a good way for her to make a little money. sure, getting both done at the same time mean only 2 months of healing rather that 4 months (2 months for each time one foot gets done) sounds a little appealing - but i wouldn't want to give up the little freedom i have with hobbling around (oh yeah, even grocery shopping was hard this 1st week b/c i had crutches making me unable to push a cart around. yeah, i did stock up on food before my surgery, but i was craving perishable foods like fruits that i didn't stock up on) i hope this helps you. good luck. webmom76 has some good stories, too, on the other topic folders.

      #104; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:59:00 GMT
    • I sure do wish I had found this thread before my bunion saga began. I had the first surgery the Monday after Thanksgiving. I had to have surgery on the same foot 7 weeks later because the screw did not hold and the two bones in my toe slid under the joint.

      After the second surgery I was in a non-walking cast for 5 weeks. Went back a week ago Friday to have the cast removed because my toes were turning purple whenever the were not elevated. I am due to go back on Friday. Got a call today and my dr. has ordered an electronic bone growth stimulator which I will get tomorrow. From what I understand, I will have to wear a coil on my toe for 10 hours daily. This is usually done at night but I have a horrible time sleeping and am really worried.

      Has anyone else had or heard of this experience? I am going on my 14th week in either special shoes or a cast.


      #105; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:00:00 GMT
    • post-op day 15

      just had my stitches removed a little over an hour ago. my foot is a bit swollen (unlike last week). i guess i've been walking too much after ditching my crutches. have been icing and elevating it more so the last two days. overall, the foot looks good minus the swelling. the pin is still in tack - i'm trying to be careful when i walk b/c i read on one of these posts that someone broke the pin and now it remains in the foot for the rest of his/her life. guess i will be off my feet most of the weekend. hope everyone is doing well post-op, also.

      #106; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:01:00 GMT
    • Hi, I am Gail in Oklahoma and underwent surgery on my left big toe on Feb 28, 2003. They put this hat looking pin all the way through my toe with some sticking out. I had the pin in for almost 3 weeks and was due for a followup on Mar 28, but the during my sleep the pin decided to come out a week ago. I called my doctor, who of course was out of town, and go back this afternoon. Another dr in his firm advised me to just wash with soap and water and keep aired. I have been in so much pain that I cry constantly. He removed some of the bone in the first joint with a huge cut. If he wants to put the pin back in, I'm afraid I would have to say no. It is red, swollen, and throbs deeply plus I have tingling and numbness on the inside of my foot. Is there any hope that this will heal? I had both children at home without any medication, and I would opt for that any day over this toe surgery. I am scared as to what he is going to tell me today. Did I just get a bad surgeon or is this what happens? Is there any hope for me? Please email me at jdsgirl.muscles-bones.todaysummary.com.brightok.net or answer here. Thanks
      #107; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:02:00 GMT
    • jdsgirl,

      did you have a bunionectomy? i'm a little confused, because you described the pin as going "through" your toe (which i've seen in pictures for hammertoe surgery). i have had a pin through my foot (holding the first metatarsal bone in place) since 02/27/03 (bunionectomy surgery on left foot). i am very surprised that the other doctor in the firm just told you to "wash with soap and water and keep aired." my doctor tells me to page him if i need ANYTHING. he even called my at 7:30p.m (2-3 hours after my surgery) to make sure i was doing ok. anyhow, the pin is in place for a reason - to keep you bone in place while it heals. i would say that it would be best to have the pin put back, or else you may risk improper healing. part of the bump on my metatarsal bone was shaved off, and the bone itself had a "v" cut....so that pin is imperative to the healing process. it keeps the bone aligned - i don't think you want to risk misalignment in your healing process. it could end up causing you more pain in the long run.

      i also see my doctor on a weekly basis - he keeps my foot bandaged and i wear a post-op shoe that keeps my foot flat. so every week, he changes the dressing and cleans the area around the pin. so at all times, the pin is bandaged down, unable to come out. after the first week, the plastic ball on the end of the pin keeps falling off, so my doctor decided to just leave it off. the pin will be removed this friday, hopefully if everything is healing fine (which has been the case n the last 25 days)

      the reason why i was surprised that the other doc told you to wash your foot, was because mine told me to keep it dry - so i bathe with a trash bag around my foot, and i keep my foot outside the bathtub. my sister's neighbor was also told the same thing after her bunionectomies, although she had screws inside her foot, rather than a pin. in fact, anyone i've known with pins from other types of surgeries are told to keep the area dry and AWAY FROM WATER. i believe this is to minimize possible infections.

      anyhow, with the swelling, i'd suggest keeping your foot elevated as much as possible . use an ice pack around your ankle - DON'T PUT IT DIRECTLY ON YOUR FOOT - for periods of 20 minutes. and if you can tolerate it, take ibuprofen. check with your doctor, but i took 800mgs of ibuprofen once to twice a day my first week post-op w/out my advising my doctor (hey, he prescribed my vicodin e.s. which is a heck of a lot stronger, but it made me nauseated.) i did take the vicodin before bedtime for the first week to help with the pain and the good night sleep. but after the first 7-8 days, i stopped taking both ibuprofen and vicodin. maybe two advils every now and then when i also have a headach, but nothing painful associated with my foot. also, do you happen to have crutches to use? as much as i DISPISED using crutches, it actually helped a lot. since i didn't put any weight on my foot the first week, my foot did not swell up at all ( i even saw my foot post-op day 7 and it looked pretty good) but since i ditched the crutches post-op day 11, my foot has been a bit swollen. i've been to the doctor's 2 more times, and both times they were swollen a bit.)

      anyhow, i hope this helps. i am not a doctor, but i do have a degree in biochemistry and cellular biology. just try to elevate your foot, stay off it as much as possible, and hopefully your doctor comes back soon. let me know how you are doing. good luck.

      #108; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:03:00 GMT
    • update on bunionectomy of left foot

      well, i had the pin removed a couple hours ago. so far so good. doctor warned me that it may swell up a little. i'm so estatic that i can finally take a real shower tomorrow afternoon!! it feels like it's been too long. i'm halfway through the recovery process - so 4 more weeks and then i can consider getting the bunionectomy on my right foot.

      i'm wearing a splint for my bunion. a strip of velcro helps "pull" my big toe to the medial side of my foot - i guess to help it heal toward that direction. still wearing the post-op shoe, too. can't wait to wear normal shoes!

      #109; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:04:00 GMT
    • I am new to this site...too bad I discovered it after my surgery!

      I had bilateral Kalish bunionectomies done on March 20th. I have 2 internal pins in both feet. I am surprised as to how well things are going! I did do some Dr. searching before my procedure and decided to go with a podiatrist that had about 20 years experience. Went in yesterday to have my steri-strips removed and also had my bulky bandages removed! What a relief! Now I have to wear a bunion splint to keep my big toe in correct alignment. Also have to keep the surgical boot on until my next appt. in 2 1/2 weeks when they will take some more x-rays.

      When I got home from the surgery center, I just felt tired. He numbed (nerve block) my feet and that lasted until the following morning. The first post-op day was not fun, but I managed. That was the only day I had to have my husband carry me to the bathroom. The rest of the time I used a walker (for about 1 week) and now I am getting along real well on my own...just a little slower than usual. Only used the pain pills for 3 days. I still keep my feet elevated as much as possible, but the swelling isn't too bad. Stopped icing last weekend. I may tackle driving this week! Overall, I am really happy with the recovery so far. Hope it keeps moving along like this!

      #110; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:05:00 GMT
    • <carrie1214>:

      Glad you are doing so well! I had an Austin bunionectomy on the right foot with two screws on 2/20 and am now 6 weeks post (you can read my updates on "bunionectomy 2/20 update"). Brave sole to do both at one time! Glad to hear you found a good doctor and had a positive experience. Here's to hoping you have a smooth recovery!


      #111; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:06:00 GMT
    • Hi there, I just stumpled onto this site. Iam in the same boat with everyone that posted. I had foot surgery, March 5h of this year. I got put in a cast. This is my third cast that Iam in. It comes off on Monday, April 21 I can't wait. I had reconstructive surgery and got pins put in also had bone spurs that were removed. Iam so discussed because of being put in a cast for all this time when I read everyone else posts they weren't. Maybe it was the type of surgery I had but all this time. I'm also on medical leave. Wonder if this foot dr. just wanted my money. He got paid from the insurance company not me. I also have therapy with this baby which means a whirlpool and hot wax massaging. I can't go back to work until May 5th. At least,I'm getting paid for sitting around but I'm bored. Thinking twice about my left foot. Peace, Debra
      #112; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:07:00 GMT
    • Hi everyone. I just had a bunion surgery on March 5th. Iam in my third cast this one comes of on Monday

      April 21st. I'm reading most of the posts and I see that everyone must have a different type of surgery than I did. Most of you are saying that you are back on your foot within a week and back to work. I also have therapy with this which consists of a whirlpool and hot wax massaging. I'm beginning to think that my foot doctor just wanted money from me but my insurance paid for everything. I also stand on my feet with my job,I'm in retail. I go from cement floor to tile which isn't rough as it is. Well, thanks for listening to me. Debra

      #113; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:08:00 GMT
    • I had surgery on 4-11, it is now day 8 and I was told to bear weight to tolerance, which I did, but I am still taking the pain pills, I am in alot of pain at night, as I have walked on the foot all day, not alot, but have placed weight. Did I place the weight too soon or too much? I have read that some people did the non weight bearing and some people did walk? I have extreme tightness within then the dressing. I see the doc on Tuesday,I am supposed to go back to work on Tuesday...Can someone tell me what they have experienced at day 8...




      #114; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:09:00 GMT
    • Hi wasup254, I was in the same boat as you. You, may have put to much wait on it. After eight days, I was in my second cast. I found that if I elavate my foot at night on a pillow and I still was putting ice pack on it that helped a great deal. My foot doctor gave me an antibiotic as my foot was still swellen. I used extra strength Tylenol. I would put an ice pack on it. The cast comes off tomorrow. Happy Easter. Debra
      #115; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:10:00 GMT
    • I have been reading the posts since before my surgery, but wasup254, yours has made me join! I hesitated before, because I didn't want to get anxious about my progress or slowness.

      My surgery was 2 days before yours on April 9. I had an Austin procedure on the bunion, so now I have a screw in the bigger bone and a pin in the smaller bone of the big toe. I also had the toe next to it "done" because it had a "tight tendon" (hammer toe?). I don't completely understand what was done to the toe besides the tendon release - it is numb an floppy. But about the bunion...

      I went to a well-respected surgeon. He had me walk 5 minutes per hour beginning the same day. For me, the pain got bad when the anesthetic wore off about 36 hours later. But after the 4th day, I didn't need the strong pain meds anymore. Not that it didn't hurt at all, but I kept icing for pain. That worked really well for me. I had ice on my ankle all the time. I bought a special insulated envelope at WalMart that velcros on so the ice would stay put. I iced until day 9 for pain. I still have to keep my foot up. It feels bad when it's down.

      My doctor also thinks you should have as little pain as possible. He normally prescribes toridol (sp?), which is supposed to be good. Are you on a good enough pain killer?

      Something did happen to me on the 7th day. My foot started to burn. I waited a 3 days. It seemed to burn more at night. When I called the doctor on the 10th day, he checked it over and said it could be one of 2 things. The bandage could be too tight or just irritating. (Might that be your issue?) Or, it could be infected. So he removed the bandage and gave me antibiotics. The burning is subsiding. I like being without the bandage, too. It seems almost easier to bear weight without the bandage because the weight spreads out more, and more naturally. I'm taking the antibiotic.

      I had originally planned to go back to work on day 6, but as I talked to friends, I saw that was too ambitious for me. I hope that in a few days I will be able to tolerate having my (left) foot down on the floor of the car for the 20 minute drive. It's going to be awkward trying to keep it elevated at my desk. Here in my ergonomically-perfect home office I have plenty of space and I still get a little backache-y at the keyboard with my leg stuck up and off to the side. At work will be more uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I hope to go back to work on day 15. I am a consultant and do not get paid time off, and I'll stay home if it's still too uncomfortable. I guess I secretly hope that taking my time now will reduce the overall duration of my total recovery - I want to get back to aerobics, running, and tap dancing. My friend Susan says that a year from now I'll be glad I did this. I'm hoping to make it 6 months!!

      As for walking, my doctor just says walk as much as I want and no more than I want. It's hard to go at your own pace of healing, especially if you think it's not fast enough. As for me, I don't mind a little walking, but I feel I really need to keep it elevated whenever I'm not walking. I actually went into the back yard yesterday, which was day 11.

      I assume you have the hard shoe?

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      #116; Sat, 15 Dec 2007 00:12:00 GMT